Gift Card

Looking for the most convenient way to enjoy the getfresh experience?  Or perhaps you want to give the gift of health to a friend, colleague or loved one?  We have you covered with the getfresh Gift Card.  

Here’s how it works:

Where to get it?

The getfresh Gift Card is available at all of our branches across Bangkok.  For large volume purchases, please contact

How much does it cost?

The getfresh Gift Card is FREE, but your first top-up must be at least 1,000 baht.   

Do I get a bonus?

Indeed you do!  For every 1,000 baht top-up or more, you will receive 10% in bonus credit on your getfresh Gift Card.

Does my balance expire?

Credit that you have topped-up on your getfresh Gift Card NEVER expires, however the bonus credit expires 90 days after your last top-up.

How do I top up my card?

Topping up is easy! Just present your gift card to our team at any getfresh outlet and let them know how much you want to top-up.  We accept cash or bank transfer in 100 baht increments (sorry, no credit cards). Remember, if you top-up at least 1,000 baht or more you will get a 10% bonus credit, good for 90 days!

How do I check my card’s balance?

There are two ways to check your card’s balance:  (1) scan the QR code on the back of your gift card and enter your 16-digit card number and PIN also located on the back of your card; or (2) ask a member of our team to check your card balance at any getfresh outlet.  Note that your gift card balance will be updated and provided on a printed receipt each time you make a purchase or top-up it up.

What happens if I lose my card?

It’s important that you keep your getfresh Gift Card safe, as we are unable to replace your card or refund its balance if you misplace it.

For more information about the getfresh Gift Card, please contact our customer support team at

Call: 084 012 5590