Meal Plans

getfresh offers 5 delicous meal plans​. No More Counting Calories​. High Quality Ingredients​. High in Nutrients. Nutritionist Recommended​. No Sugar Added​. No Trans Fats​. No MSG.

5 days / 14 days / 30 days

Starts from
799 THB

Healthy Intro​

New to meal plans? Get started with our healthy, 5-day intro plan​

Low Carb​

Low carb plan that allows you to undergo ketosis and train your body to burn fat effectively​

Slim Down​

Offers low-calorie meals that help you to shift those last pesky pounds


Emphasis on ingredients high in antioxidants for skin and hair benefits​


Rich in protein meals that give everything you need to bulk up

Select from 5-day*, 14-day and 30-day plans

For more information Contact us on Line or call: 064 280 9946​.

* 5-day program only available for the Healthy Intro​ Meal Plan.